How to Start Corrugated Carton Box Manufacturing Business

If you want to know how to start a corrugated carton box manufacturing business then you are at the right place. Starting a Carton box manufacturing business can be a very good idea because these boxes are used everywhere and at least 95% of companies use these boxes for their shipping and packaging.

These boxes are used to move products from one state to another such as gadgets, fridges, TV, or any other small products. In this business the competition is good but the returns are also very good if one can do the business in the right manner.

So today in this blog post I will discuss everything related to the carton box manufacturing business so you can get an idea of how and what it takes to start this business.

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How to Start Corrugated Carton Box Manufacturing Business

Corrugated Carton Box Manufacturing Business

If you want to start a Corrugated box manufacturing business here are a few requirements

Requirements for Carton box manufacturing business

Area required

For this business, you need a big area of around 6000 square feet to 10,000 square feet.  You need good enough space for your machinery, Finished good storage, and your office.

Machinery required

  • Printing machinery
  • Sheet cutting machinery
  • pasting machinery
  • Corrugated machinery
  • Stitching machinery

Raw material required

  • Stitching wire
  • golden paper
  • gum
  • Kraft paper

License required

  •  Business registration
  • Factory license
  • Gst registration
  • Trademark registration
  • Pollution control certificate

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Marketing strategy for corrugated carton box manufacturing business

Since this business requires a good amount of investment to start you need a good marketing strategy to make sure that you don’t fail in this business. That’s why here are a few marketing strategies you should adopt before starting this business.

Look for existing competitors

Before starting any business one should always look for the existing competitors. So that he can get an idea about the quality and the number of products competitors are producing. 

One can also analyze the price at which competitors are purchasing the raw material and the selling price of competitors.  It’s very important to analyze your competitors because if you are not doing well than your competitors then there is a huge chance you may fail in this business.

Look for suppliers

Suppliers are very important in any type of business because if you don’t have suppliers, your business cannot run smoothly and perform day-to-day activities. 

So before thinking of starting a corrugated carton box manufacturing business you have to look for suppliers who will provide you with raw materials on the regular basis or according to your needs.

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 Find a suitable place for  business

Places also play an important role in this success of our business if your business is located in a right place then you can have an advantage over your competitors as well as you can easily move goods from one place to another place and you can also find skilled laborers in the right place

 Make sure wherever you’re starting the books manufacturing business you have a water supply, power supply, and road facility.

Look for clients in advance

If you can find a glance in advance this can be great because you will get an idea that how many clients you have and how much you need to produce

 Do advanced estimations

Before starting any business you should know how much it requires us to invest in the business.

So that you can get a clear idea of how much money u need in advance and if you want to take a loan how much loan you have to take and how much savings you have to use.


Starting a corrugated carton box manufacturing business it’s not simple but with the right knowledge, one can start this business and make good returns.

Soon as this business requires huge investment one should be aware of the risks and uncertainties involved in this business. But if you have done your market research you will get a clear idea of how come when, where to start this business

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