How to Start Non-Woven Bags Manufacturing Business

Since plastic bags are not favored by the government and they can be banned in various states.  the demand for non-woven bags manufacturing has increased.

One can take this opportunity and start a non-woven bag manufacturing business. This business is environment friendly and keeps our ecosystem safe and is favored by the government. This business can be started with a capital of 12 to 18 lacs.

 And since it’s a B2B( Business to Business) business you can sell your products to different clients such as shopkeepers, showrooms, shoe shops, medical shops, and clothing shops add more.

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How to Start Non-Woven Bags Manufacturing Business

Non-Woven Bags Manufacturing Business

If you wish to start a non-woven bags manufacturing Here are the few requirements that you must keep in mind before starting this business

Requirements for non-woven bag manufacturing.

 Area required

 This business can also be started in a small room but if you have a 10 by 10 room then it will be even better.

 You need space for machinery and also to store your goods. But different machines have different sizes so before purchasing a machine you have to make sure that it fits in your room.

Raw material required

nonwoven fabric– This fabric is used to make different types of bags.  You can use this fabric in your machine and accordingly cut the shape and size.

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Machinery required.

  1. Nonwoven machine

You can find different automatic and semi-automatic machines in the market.  But generally, a nonwoven fabric machine will cost you around 13 lacs.

This machine is used to Roll the nonwoven fabric and fold and seal the top layer of bags and cut the bag in required shapes.

  1. Printing machine

 A printing machine is used to put a logo or brand name on your nonwoven bags. Since different clients have different requirements for logos and brand names. So you can use this machine for printing different logos and brand names.

  1. Weight machine

A weight machine is used to know the weight of your finished goods and then sell them according to the price in the market.

  1. Manpower required.

Usually, this business requires men with the power of 10-12 people.

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How to plan nonwoven bags manufacturing business

1. Select a niche

Since there are different types of non-woven bags you have to select a particular niche.

You can select from the below-mentioned niches

  1. D cut non-woven bag – D cut nonwoven bag is used in shops and different stories.
  2. Loop handle non-woven bag – Loop handles are known as multip-purpose bags and are used for different purposes.
  3. W cut non-woven bag – W cut non-woven bags are used as grocery bags.

 2. Analyze the competition

 After selecting your niche the next step you have to do is to analyze the competition in the market

You have to check if there is strong existing competition or weak existing competition because the less the competition the more profitable you can be.

3. Look for suppliers

You cannot run a business without suppliers, so before starting this business you need good suppliers who will be able to provide you with non-woven fabric or any other material which is required in the manufacturing of nonwoven bags.

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4. Select the Factory area

You have to select the area. Which is good enough for your business and while selecting an area make sure you have enough space for your machinery’s

 You can go to the market and check the length and width of the machine and then accordingly decide how much area you need for your business.

5. Find workers

 In order to run your day-to-day operations, you need  workers who can operate the machines  and manufacture nonwoven bags

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