How to cancel Zain package | Zain package cancel code

Are you using Zain sim and want to know the Zain package cancel code? Zain is one of the most common options among the several telecommunications companies in Saudi Arabia. Zain has several packages to cater to the different needs of its customers, ranging from internet packages to call packages.

However, customers may want to cancel their Zine package for various reasons. This could be because they no longer want to use that package, or want to enable the use of another package. If you are in this situation, this article will help you understand how to cancel your Zine package using the code you need.

Why need to cancel Zain package

Zain package cancel code

There are several reasons why you might want to cancel your zine package. One of the most common reasons is that you found a better deal with another provider. Maybe the new provider offers better rates or more services that suit your needs. You may decide to cancel your package because you are moving abroad or leaving the country.

Additionally, you may wish to cancel your package because you are not satisfied with the services provided by Zain or are facing financial difficulties.

How to cancel Zain package

To cancel Zain package you first need to know which package you have activated. After that you will be able to cancel the Zain package. So let’s know activation and cancellation code using which you can activate and cancel Zain package.

Zain package cancel code:

To subscribe to one of the Zain prepaid packages please reply to the code in the bracket to 959:

For example: If you have activated the Shabab 199 So what you will do to cancel the package? Just type the ‘CS199’ and send it to 959. But some packages CS will not work try to use your package code with this code u and send 959. For example, if your Facebook package then type ‘UFB’ and send it to 959 just use ‘U’ before package code.

You will receive another confirmation message that your package has been cancelled.

Zain Internet Packages and local calls

  • Shabab 199 SAR: unlimited local calls, 95GB Internet, unlimited social media, 20 SAR applications balance reply (S199)
  • Shabab 179 SAR: unlimited local calls, 50GB Internet, unlimited social media, reply (S179)
  • Shabab 149 SAR: 3000 min local call, 30GB Internet, unlimited Social Media, reply (S149)
  • Shabab 99 SAR: 1500 min local call, 15GB Internet, 20GB social media, reply (S99)
  • Shabab 59 SAR: 400 min local call, 5GB internet, 5GB social media, reply (S59)

Social Media apps include Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and TikTok

*Benefits are valid for 4 weeks from the subscription date

If you need for more information please visit Zain official website

Zain app for free to download the mobile application:

Zain internet package prepaid

To subscribe to one of Zain internet package prepaid over voice bundles please reply using the proper code inside the brackets to 959:

  • 100GB +100GB for YouTube, Facebook and TikTok for 3 Months for 299 SAR send 421
  • 75GB+75GB for YouTube, Facebook and TikTok for 2 Months for 199 SAR send 410
  • 30GB + 30GB for YouTube, Facebook and TikTok for 3 Months 175 SAR send 409
  • 25GB+25GB for YouTube, Facebook and TikTok for 1 Month for 99 SAR send 408

Monthly and unlimited Zain data packages

  • 300GB 3 Months for 450 SAR send 414
  • Unlimited data monthly for 325 SAR send to 416
  • 100 GB Monthly for 160 SAR send 411
  • Unlimited 5G data 1 Week for 85 SAR send 420
  • 8GB Monthly for 75 SAR send 407
  • 4GB Monthly for 50 SAR send 406
  • 2GB Monthly for 30 SAR send 405
  • 1GB for 7 days for 15 SAR send 404

To check your remaining Data type BC and send it to 959

It is important to note that the cancellation code will only work for those who use Zain SIM cards. If you are still not able to cancel the package, you need to contact customer service on 959. Check if your Zain message failed.

A special Zain call package offer

Zain call package for Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh and get free minutes to any Zain number for unbelievable prices!📞

Kindly send the code to 959:

  • 30 International minutes and 1000 minutes to any Zain number valid for 7 days for 4 SAR. Send WPA1
  • 80 International minutes and 3000 minutes to any Zain number valid for 4 weeks for 10 SAR.


In conclusion, canceling your Zain package is not difficult, as long as you have the correct code to use. You may want to cancel your package for several reasons, but it’s important to remember the consequences before the contract ends. Be sure to check the terms of your contract and understand your obligations before canceling your package. With this information, you can make it easier to cancel your zine package if you ever find yourself in a position where you need to do so.

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