Zain sms settings for solve message sending failed

More or less we all have faced this problem with Zain Mobile for Zain SMS Settings Failed to Send Message to 959 Number. However, when we face this problem we try to call customer service. However, the solution to this problem is sometimes not able to complete customer service.

Today we will know in this post how to solve the zain sms sending failure problem. And we will know some important Zain message settings. For that, you have to read this tutorial completely.

Fixed Message Center Number

First, you need to go to the message then the settings option and you need to check the number of the Zain Message Service Center. Check if this number is in the message box, if not, edit this number +966590100880.

After changing the number, turn off your mobile and restart. Then try sending a message to 959, if that doesn’t work, follow the next step.

Permissions Allow

Go to the main menu on your mobile and then go to the settings option, scroll down, and then open the application manager or apps option. Some mobiles have an application manager and some mobiles have app options.

And find there the message application inside the Application Manager or Apps option. After that, you have to give the App permission to Allow or turn on Allow Permission.

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SMS Barring Deactivate Number

The following codes need to be dialed from mobile.

1st Dial #33*1234*16# for Deactivate the Local SMS Barring

2nd Dial #331*1234# for Deactivate the International SMS Barring

And #33*1234*16#

Reset the setting

Go to Settings on the main menu of your mobile. And open the System & Updates, then press the Reset button.

Note: Keep in mind that you may lose your WiFi password and other manual settings before resetting your mobile. But don’t worry about your storage, such as images, music, videos, and other download data. 

Follow the Image

Find the Setting on your Mobile

zain sms settings

Open the go scroll down or find the Apps or Application Manager

zain sms settings

Find the Messages Application

zain sms settings

Open App permission and Allow permission one by one

Then if the same problem occurs then now you have to follow the last option.

And Last Option Call customer service

When your call receives customer service don’t talk too much just tell them All the settings on your mobile are OK, and only you will complain about resetting your Zain SIM card.

Resetting the Zain SIM card is not possible for you and me. So for this, you have to call customer service.

I hope you understand if you think this article is helpful Share it with your friend who facing this problem. For more information like zain calling package, Data package and many more offers click here.

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