Dropshipping suppliers in India higher ratings you can trust

There are various 10 Dropshipping suppliers in India but the question is which one to trust and which not to? You may have the best Dropshipping strategy with you but if your supplier is not trustworthy your business is going to have losses and nothing more.

So today we have the list of the finest suppliers for your Dropshipping business.

Here are 10 dropshipping suppliers in India

1. Meesho

Dropshipping suppliers in India

Indian most trusted dropshipping supplier “Meesho” with over more than 1 lack seller you have the guarantee that you will be provided with the best services for your dropshipping business.

Meesho has over 1 crore satisfied resellers. Which could give you an idea of how great their dropshipping model is.

If you are looking to start your dropshipping business. You need to consider Meesho as your first choice. You will find a variety of products for your dropshipping business whether it’s jewelry, fashion, shoes, bedsheet, or kitchen items.

Meesho also provides products at cheap rates so that you can sell them at a very high price. They also believe in shipping their products as quickly as possible so that your customer stays happy and satisfied.

If you still have doubts about Meesho – Facebook itself has invested 14 million dollars in Meesho.

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2. Glowroad

Dropshipping suppliers in India

Glowroad works in the same way as Meesho but it comes at second place in the list of trusted dropshipping suppliers.

Glowroad also provides good customer service and a variety of products for resellers to sell.

You can trust Glowroad for its quality and modern product line.

It has similar features as Meesho but the prices of products may vary.

3. Shop101

Dropshipping suppliers in India

Another rival for Meesho and Glowroad provides the same features as both of them.

Shop101 also became a famous dropship supplier by providing quality services to its clients (Or resellers).

With more than 5 million people connected with Shop101 and various resellers. Your dropshipping business has got the support of Shop101.

4. IndiaMart dropshipping

Dropshipping suppliers in India

Also known as the hub of Business to the business of India(B2B).

You will find a lot of suppliers in IndiaMart that you can contact for your dropshipping business.

Now in IndiaMart is the best dropshipping supplier in India because you always have the option to customize your products because the person you will be contacting will be the owner of some factory and can help you however you want to.

But in Meesho, Glowroad, and Shop101 you don’t have the customization choice as in these platforms you will only find sellers, not manufacturers

But with IndiaMart you will mostly find manufacturers. So you have an option to customize your products as per the needs of customers.

5. Exporters India

Another great B2B supplier for dropshipping. It works the same as IndiaMart.

You will find various suppliers to fulfill your dropshipping needs and it’s a reliable source for people who want to start their dropshipping business in India.

6. Baapstore

Dropshipping suppliers in India

If you are looking to start your dropshipping business but don’t handle customers or worry about adding products to your website or online store.

Then Baapstore is the best choice for you. Baapstore provides you with automatic features that add products to your store, track orders, and receive and send orders.

 It doesn’t matter what kind of store you have whether it’s Shopify, woocommerce, or amazon you can easily integrate your web store with baapstore.

Baapstore also has very good reviews. It’s a good platform for dropshippers

7. Snazzy way dropshipping

 If you want to deal in women’s fashion, then Snazzy way is the right supplier for you.

We all know that the women’s fashion industry is more profitable than the men’s fashion industry because women do shopping more often than men.

Women don’t also care much about the brand they are using as long the product quality is good

So considering starting a dropshipping business related to women then Snazzyway is the best dropshipping supplier in India that has got you covered.

8. Shopify.in

Dropshipping suppliers in India

Shopify is the king of dropshipping but I have mentioned it at number 8 because Shopify doesn’t yet provide fast delivery in India for dropshipping.

But remember it’s also the greatest dropshipping company you will come around to.

People have made millions with Shopify, if you are looking to dropship outside India then I will recommend Shopify.

You can use Shopify to Dropship from India to US.

9. Dropshipping zone

Dropshipping zone deals in kitchen products. If you want to start dropshipping kitchen items, then the dropshipping zone will provide you with various kitchen products at a cheaper rate

Dropshipping zone provides fast delivery of products to your customers and It’s free to join Dropshipping zone

They provide good quality products so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products you only have to worry about marketing.

10. Bafulia

New in the market but great dropshipping services they got.

Bafulia also gives integration features like Baapstore. So you don’t have to worry about updating your stock on the online store.

They have more than 1 lack products that you can choose from and their delivery is also very good.

If you want your customers to be satisfied, then you need to try Bafulia because they are great Dropshipping suppliers in India.

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Things to keep in mind.

These are certain things you need to keep in mind if you want to start a successful dropshipping business.

  1. Make sure you check the reviews of your supplier because some suppliers only claim to be the best but the moment you will receive an order from your customer, they will not deliver as fast as they used to claim. So make sure to test them before considering them your supplier.
  2. Check the price of the same product with other suppliers. Some so-called suppliers provide products at a very high price. So, you need to make sure to check all the suppliers. Cost-cutting should be the primary objective of every business.
  3. Ask for a refund policy. If your supplier doesn’t provide a refund policy, then it’s better to avoid them. Everyone buys online because of the refund policy. This gives a kind of security to the person who is buying online. If your store doesn’t have a refund policy, then it will be very and very difficult to survive in the market.
  4. Quality of the products. Some suppliers provide products at cheap price but the quality of the products are very bad. Your customers will not buy again from you if your quality is very bad. It’s better to have one repeating customer than 10 temporary customers.

Frequently asked questions

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business where you don’t need to keep the stock in order to sell it. You have a supplier at your back who delivers products to your customers. Your customers don’t have any idea where the product came from. He thinks you are the supplier for the product.

What is the drawback of dropshipping?

Everything comes with certain drawbacks and dropshipping is also having some drawbacks
1. Brand image –  No one knows your brand or online store, so it’s hard for people to trust you. That’s why you need good marketing also.
2. Quality of the product – the quality of the products somehow lacks because since the products are made by keeping in mind that the supplier and reseller both have profits. This leads to cost-cutting which eventually leads to decreasing the quality of the product.
3. Little investment – Most people think dropshipping doesn’t require any money but that’s not the truth. You need money to advertise or to host a website. But the investment it requires is very little.

What do you need to start with dropshipping?

You need a laptop, internet connection and most importantly you need good marketing skills and you also need to know how to create a website
If you don’t know how to create a website, then you need to spend some time learning how to create websites.
People have some trust in you when they see your website is beautiful and attractive.
So, don’t underestimate the beauty of your website.

Is dropshipping legal in India?

yes, dropshipping is a legal business in India.


Start your dropshipping business and make sure to check your competitors. Learn the channels that they use to get their customers and copy their blueprint. There are various suppliers in India but it’s your job to find the best one.

I personally use all these platforms and find which one works best for me.

Anyways thank you very much if you like the article please make sure to share it with your friends or your dropship partner.

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