How to start a business in India without money

Starting a business in India is not a big deal if you know how to use the right method and techniques. Today I am gonna show you how you can start a business in India without any money.

Well, there are various ways to launch a business in India some are difficult, some take a lot of time so that you can generate income but today I am gonna show you how to start a business with no money and experience.

8 ways to start a small business in India without money

These 8 ways are the best business ideas in India that you can start without any investment in India. You don’t need special knowledge to start doing business

1. Dropshipping

I hope you have heard about the dropshipping business. If not then let’s understand what dropshipping is.

Dropshipping is selling products online without purchasing the products from the supplier. You have to only find customers to sell the products and your supplier will ship them to them.

There are various dropshipping companies that can help you to start your own dropshipping business in India.

Some of the dropshipping companies you can start with

  1. Meesho dropshipping
  2. Shopify dropshipping
  3. Glowroad dropshipping

Dropshipping is the best business you can start in India without investment. You can promote your products on social media without any investment required.

You don’t need to pay money for ads and promotions. Social media is the place for you to find customers.

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2. Service business

This is the best way to start a business if you are focused on making a good amount of money without investing any money.

For this method, you need some skills that you can offer to people or other businesses. It doesn’t matter what kind of skills you have unless and until you can make money out of it and people are also ready to pay cash for it.

You can sell your services on various platforms like Fiverr, freelancer, people per hour, or you can start your own website and promote your services through advertisements.

3. Printed t-shirts business

Indian people love t-shirts right? who doesn’t love t-shirts but nowadays people really don’t care about wearing branded t-shirts anymore they want to wear something cooler, something that gets their attention. So, it’s your chance to print t-shirts that speak to the soul of your buyers.

Have you heard the name printrove, printful, qikink? On these websites, you can design your own printed t-shirts without buying them (it’s the same as dropshipping but here you focus only on a t-shirt)

You can promote these t-shirts on social media or on your website. When you will get a customer you just have to place an order on these websites and they will manufacture or design a t-shirt and send it to your customer.

So you can start this t-shirt business without any capital or cash. All you need is good design skills.

4. Outsourcing business

I hope you have heard this word before”Outsourcing” It means when a big business needs some help let’s take an example with the advertisement. Suppose a big business needs help with the advertisement.

It will not do this work itself but it will give the same work to some other organization.

Now how can you earn money with outsourcing business?. right?

Actually, you don’t need to start a business, the business is already started by someone else.

I know you are confused don’t worry I will explain it to you.

What you have to do is find clients that you can work for and when you find some clients who need service from you. You don’t have to do their job on your own but you have to outsource it to someone else who already has resources and business to do it.

This way you can start an outsourcing business in India without investment.

5. Social media influence

Today that old way of promoting the products is long gone. Today’s companies need to promote products in a modern way to reach the right customer.

In modern promotion, Social media influence media plays a very important role. If you have good social media influence or in simple words, you have lots of followers n your social media. Companies will contact you to promote their products or you can shout out other social media pages.

Now it doesn’t require any money to open social media account and it doesn’t matter what type of account you have, you can have a famous meme page, famous quotes page. All you need to worry about is having real-time followers, not fake followers.

When I say fake followers, anyone can make fake followers nowadays. It’s really easy to detect fake followers of any social media page.

6. Writing services

You may think this business is not going to make you money but let me tell you in this business you can make tons of money.

As I am myself a blogger I know how hard its to write blogs posts and keep my blog up-to-date and if I can find good writing services I will be happy to pay them money.

Don’t believe me!. You can go any check how much earning people are doing on freelancing websites just by providing writing services to organizations.

First, you need some time to learn to write SEO-optimized articles otherwise your client won’t hire you next time.

Patience is the key to everything but this business requires time and knowledge to write about any topic your client wants you to write about.

7. Sell your art

If you love to do paintings you can sell them online on various websites. It doesn’t require any investments at all. But you need to create great and creative paintings in order to attract customers.

You don’t need to create the same paints. Your art should be unique, otherwise, people will not buy it. People only buy a painting when it’s only a painting available. You can earn more than 10K from selling one painting.

There are websites in India where you can sell your art for free. Don’t wait much and try your luck in selling art.

8. Sell your designs

If you are a good designer you can sell your designs to various clients who need designs on t-shirts, websites, or more. You can sell your designs on various websites like Fiverr, freelancer, truelancer, and more.

You need to create unique designs that your clients like. Need to keep up with the new designs and you don’t have to copy designs from anyone else. You can even sell logo designs to companies and they will pay you a good amount of money.


There are various ways you can start a business in India without money. But you have to start a business that matches your skills and not any business you don’t know about. I have listed 8 businesses that you can start without making money.

Lastly, Work hard because you never gonna make money easily, you need patience and learn every day.

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