12 crazy ways to make money online in India for students

Making money online in India for students is not as hard as it sounds. Students out there are earning money in lacks while they are studying.

Some students are transforming these techniques of making money into a permanent business in the future. If you also want to know how you can make money online in India as a student then you have come to the right place.

Today I will be sharing with you some of the ideas to make money online for free.

Before we go a quick note. I want to tell you something which may be very beneficial for you in the future as a student

There is no guarantee that the methods will turn you into a millionaire. You may not be able to find success in some of the ways. Every idea doesn’t work for everyone.

There are students who find great success from the ideas that I am going to discuss with you.

Without wasting any more time let’s find out the best way to earn money online in India for students

Are you ready?

Let’s GO!

How to make money online in India for students in an easy 12 way

Now that you know choosing on the basis of skills and passion is much better here are some of the ways.

1. Dropshipping your favorite thing.

What is dropshipping Business in India
What is dropshipping Business in India?

First, let’s get clear with what is dropshipping?. If you already know what it is you can skip to the next part. It is best way to make money online in India for students.

Let’s understand dropshipping from an example:

There is a guy named Mohan who is a college student and he also wants to earn money online. But he doesn’t know how to do it. But one day his friend suggested he go with dropshipping.

Mohan did a little bit of research on what is dropshipping and he was amazed to find out that he can sell products online on social media and WhatsApp without buying the products.

So how can you earn from dropshipping?

as I said dropshipping is when you sell products online to your customers without buying the product first.

We all know how retail shops work. First, they buy products from companies then they sell these products to customers. Retail shop owners have to do a little investment in buying the product and then sell it further for profit.

But in dropshipping there is nothing like that, you don’t need to buy the products first.

You can sell products to people and your supplier will directly deliver them to your customer and you can add your own profit/ commission to it. You work as a middle man and earn your commission.

How will you find products for dropshipping?

Since you can find everything online nowadays you don’t have to worry about finding the supplier as there are apps and websites out there you can install or visit to find the products and suppliers

List of dropshipping companies you can use to dropshipping products?

  1. Glowroad dropshipping app
  2. Meesho app
  3. Shop101 app
  4. MilMilla app

In these apps and websites, you can find a lot of products you can dropship like men’s and women’s fashion, kitchen products, or anything you like.

When I say drop shipping your favorite thing in the starting I mean to say choose the products you know about and you will enjoy selling and have knowledge about so that you can draw your customer to buy it.

You also don’t wanna choose a product that customers don’t like or don’t want. A little bit of research is necessary. This is an easy way to earn money online for students since it’s not a full-time game.

2. Make money by investing in startups

This is probably the best way to become a millionaire, to invest in startup companies.

Investing in startups can really be a good thing if you do proper research and analysis of the company.

After your research, if you feel like the company is going to do good in the future market. Then you should invest in the company.

But this method requires a little bit of money. If you can arrange money and invest then it’s a good option for you

How will you earn by investing in startups?

In the launching stage of startups. They offer shares at very low prices and you can take the advantage of purchasing shares at a low price.

Later when the company will perform better and becomes a successful company, the value of your shares will increase and the company will also provide various benefits and dividends

3. Earn by selling your luxury Items

Make money online in India for students

Do you there are websites online where you can sell your luxury items. Let’s say if you own a luxury watch worth 30,000 or more you can sell them online on various websites. I am not talking about Amazon or Flipkart or selling your old stuff on Olx, here I am talking about luxury items online.

If you have such things at your home that you don’t need anymore you can sell them. It’s more beneficial to sell them than own them before they lose their value and no one wants to purchase them.

But I don’t have luxury items what should I do?

Don’t worry if you don’t own luxury items. I have a trick for you. You can do dropshipping with luxury items. As I already mentioned dropshipping is.

You know what to do!. Just find people who have luxury items and sell them further at high prices and when you find a customer exchange the luxury item with the buyer for cash. Take your portion and give the rest money to the real seller.

Websites to sell your luxury items

  1. luxepolis.com
  2. theluxurycloset.com
  3. www.yoogiscloset.com
  4. www.therealreal.com

4. Affiliate marketing or commission-based marketing.

Make money online in India for students

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online in India for students and why do I say “the best way”? Because affiliate marketing can make you a millionaire. YES!. you read it correctly. It is one of the major sources of income that helped a lot of people to earn millions.

Now, what is affiliate marketing, and can it be a good source of income for you as a student?

You can also call it a commission-based business. Where you are linked with a company and your task is to promote their products and when someone buys it from your affiliate link you will get a commission.

It can be anything, you can promote anything you like. You can promote products from amazon, or hosting, sell Udemy courses, and much more.

But it’s important to generate sales from your promotional links otherwise you won’t be able to make any cash. So, you will require proper planning and applying proper marketing techniques to make good cash.

How much can you earn from affiliate marketing?

The audience also plays a vital role if you want to make good cash from affiliate marketing.

That’s why it’s necessary for you to market your products where you can get the maximum number of the audience and I am not talking about social media. Affiliate marketing doesn’t work on social media. You need a website if you want to make a good passive income out of affiliate marketing.

5. Online surveys to make money

All methods discussed above need hard work and time but this method doesn’t ask for time or hard work. All you need to do is to fill up some answers and earn money and that’s it. This method is called an online money-paying survey.

You can easily earn cash from the following websites

  1. Swagbuck.com
  2. triaba.com
  3. valuedopinions.com
  4. joinhiving.com
  5. inboxdollars.com

Signup and answer the questions in surveys honestly because most of these websites check your response before accepting it to make sure you are not spammy.

So, it’s important to fill in answers honestly, all it takes is 2-3 mins for one survey.

6. Earn by Blogging about something you love

If you want to make money from home without worrying about selling or convincing someone. Blogging can be the best thing for you since it doesn’t include selling products and waiting for the buyer.

You can do blogging in your own time and according to your own wish. You can write an article about something you love and make money.

Isn’t that great doing something you love and making money out of it.

That is the freedom you will get from blogging and there are no limitations to blogging. You can continue improving your blog every single day and also your profit there is no pause or stoppage in blogging.

Now you may wonder how a blog makes money right? and how can you make money as a student from your blog?

Well, it’s really simple to understand, when your blog generates visitors you can apply for google Ad-sense. Google takes some time to get your Ad-sense approved and it’s important that you need a minimum of 200 views per day to get Ad-sense approved.

Once you display advertising on your website you will begin to make money from your website and it depends upon how many visitors you get.

If you have few visitors it is going to be hard to make huge money. So, try to get as much as the audience.

7. Invest in the stock market

Make money online in India for students

Do not think that you are a student or a learner and you should not invest in the stock market. If you think so then you are thinking wrong. Expert stock marketers always say that it’s better to invest at an early age so that you can reap the benefits are early as you want.

Warren buffer (Networth- 70B+) – is known as one of the best investors in the world. He had also started investing in stock at an earlier age. There are various ways you can earn from the stock market and it’s not important to have a lot of cash to earn money from the stock market.

Everyone starts small, no one starts big. As a school student, you can also earn money in the stock market, you can invest your monthly pocket money in stocks but you need to be careful while choosing the stock.

As you are a beginner it’s important for you to learn and understand the stock market first.

Where to learn about the stock market

You can read various books on the stock market or watch various courses online on Youtube or if you want to take a professional course you can buy it on Udemy or anywhere online but make sure the course is related to beginners and also related to the Indian stock market.

Various ways to earn from the stock market

  1. Investing for the long term:- You can invest money for the long term and take benefit from it after 10-20 years or more depending upon your investing strategies.
  2. Intra-day trading:- In this method, you invest money for short time maybe a week or month. Once your stock price goes up, you sell it and earn your profit. But this method is good only if you are an expert.
  3. Dividend stocks:- Here you don’t buy stock to sell them. Instead, you buy them to keep them because on Dividend stock company pays you a dividend or you can simply call it “money”. Depends upon the policy of the company when they are going to pay you. Some companies pay a dividend quarterly or monthly or yearly.

8. Earn by social media.

No matter what is your age you must have a social account. who doesn’t have a social media account?

Everyone is using social media no matter where they come from what they like or what is their age.

But being an entrepreneur you have to take it to your advantage. Some students only spend their time on Instagram reading memes and watching videos and some students earn from Instagram.

How to earn from social media?

You may have heard about the word called “promotion or shout-out “.

In simple words when you have a page on social media with a large number of followers. You can promote or give a shout-out to other pages and for that, they will pay you cash.

You can also do promotions for different companies when you have a good name on social media. It is a great and easy way to earn money online in India for various students.

What social media platforms can you use?

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Twitter

9. Earn money from freelancing:

Make money online in India for students

This is one of the best ways for students to earn money online in India without investment or money. Freelancing means providing your services and skills to people in need. You may have good writing skills or coding skills. Don’t let these skills go to waste.

There are people out there who will pay you money for your services.

It doesn’t matter what kind of skills you have unless people need them. You may be a good graphics designer, social media manager, logo maker, SEO expert, or digital marketing expert.

Websites you can use to find clients

How to know If you have the skills other people need.

You can visit these websites check the profiles of other freelancers and try to figure out what skills they have how much they charge, and how much they earn. If you have the same skills as them and if you charge less price. You also have the chance to earn.

How to increase the chances of getting hired by clients?

Create an awesome profile and explain your skills past experience and the successful projects that you have completed. Your chance of getting a client can be improved.

10. Selling eBooks online

Make money online in India for students

What else can be a good way to make passive income for school students. Ebooks are also sometimes called electronic books. It is an electronic version of a paper book or you can it’s like a book but in PDF form. It is a one-time task. You only have to write a book once and then you only have to worry about selling it.

How do you earn from selling books?

If you sell your ebook on AppStore you can easily earn 100-200 rs per book. You can also promote affiliate links in your ebook as this is an electronic book, not a hard copy.

What kind of books can you write?

Anything! simple answer. People love to read different kinds of books. There is no specific book that sells, all kinds of books are purchased by book lovers. It can be a storybook, comic book, education book, Role-play book, and much more.

11. Refer and earn apps

Make money online in India for students

There are various apps through which you can earn money just by referring it to your friends. It doesn’t work for every app, it only works for some apps that allow this feature. Being a student you can easily earn from such apps because you have a lot of time to spend and you know how to use mobile better than anyone else

How does it work?

When you refer an app to a friend and he/she installs the app on his/her device and uses your referral code in the app. That’s how you earn cash, but the amount you can earn depends upon the app.

Lists of apps to earn money from

SORRY to say! I have not included any list here because these apps don’t always provide a “refer and earn” feature.

So, if you want to know about the latest apps that provide refer and earn. Please search the same on google and you will find the latest apps.

12. Online jobs for college students

People think all jobs require a degree and experience but let me tell you there are various jobs out there that don’t need experience or a degree. All you need is the skills and a certificate.

The best part about these jobs is they can be done online just from your laptop and this can also include good earnings as well.

Read more: Online copy paste jobs without investment

Some Online jobs for college students at home

  • Data entry jobs
  • Freelance writing
  • virtual assistant
  • video captioner
  • Social media manager

How much will you earn?

Earning depends upon your employer who hires you. So it’s necessary for you to choose the company or client that gives a high salary and don’t waste time in a company that doesn’t pay a high salary.


They showed you many ways you can use to earn money online in India being a student. Some students face failure. There is nothing wrong with the ideas, the problem is people don’t choose their business based on passion and skills but on the basis of money and profit. Which is totally not a great idea.

You can go in the line of a profitable business but never make a profit. You can start in an industry that has less profit but still make good money. If you wanna make good money it all comes down to choosing your business based on your passion and your skills.

Some of the ways

  1. Stock market
  2. Earn from social media
  3. Freelancing
  4. Jobs for college and school-going students
  5. Dropshipping and more.

Hard work is up to you. I can only show you the way and the rest is up to you how you utilize these ways to earn money I also want to tell you that this blog is dedicated to how you can earn online. So make sure to check our other blog posts to know more about making money online in India for students.

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