Qureka Pro App | Referral code | How to earn Paytm cash

As I have already discussed the Top quiz app in my previous blog and this time I would about a similar app called Qureka Pro App.

I will tell you everything that you need to know to get started with this application and you can start earning Paytm money.

Remember there are two versions of Qureka app,

One version is from the Play store where you can play quiz but cannot earn real Paytm money.

Another version is from the web, where you can earn real Paytm cash by playing quiz.

So make sure to download the right version. (You can find the link to the earning version of the Qureka app below in the blog post)

What is Qureka Pro App and Features

Qureka App

Do you know earning money online has become simple with Qureka pro?

You can play a simple quiz on Qureka and earn real Paytm cash.

The quizzes you play on Qureka are live quiz games which means every quiz tournament in Qureka has a time and if you don’t join within the time then you would need to wait for another tournament.

You can play quiz games such as:

  1. Sports quiz
  2. Food quiz
  3. Gk quiz
  4. Tech quiz
  5. Films and celebs

Every quiz has its own time such as 30 seconds, 40, or 60 seconds, and different winning prices as well.

You can participate in a quiz starting from ₹5-₹500 the more the will be the entry fees or price the more will be the reward.

In order to win the most of the cash try to give most of the correct answers to rank higher and score higher.

You can also play free quiz for practice in order to understand what type of questions are asked in the quiz and once you feel like you can play for real money then you can start playing and earning real money quiz games.

The refer code you can use on the Qureka pro app is 97F468E1 you can use this refer cod while installing Qureka app

Refer and earn feature in Qureka App

Do you quickly earn money Qureka then you have to try the refer and earn a feature of qureka because per friend you refer you can earn ₹25 which means

  • 1 friend = ₹25
  • 10 friends = ₹250
  • 100 friends = ₹2500


  • You need to make sure the user you are referring to is a new user
  • When you are a friend have to use your referral code and add at least ₹15 in Qureka.

You can refer friends on WhatsApp or through social media to get most of the downloads so that you can earn more.


A quiz is the easiest way to earn money online because you learn also to earn.

Even if you are a pro gamer you can play simple quiz games and earn real cash.

Qureka app is the best app for earning Paytm cash if you want to play live quiz games and earn money for real.

You can also find video tutorials on how to play quiz within the Qureka app both in English and Hindi language

Just make sure you download the earning version of Qureka.

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