Task Bucks App | Is It Genuine & How Much Can You Earn?

You may have heard about the Task bucks app or you want to download this application. But the only thing that may be stopping you is “is task bucks genuine?” Usually, some of the Paytm applications fail to provide Paytm cash but I always bring you the best apps for earning Paytm cash.

Task bucks is a similar application just like Frizza App – which is the best app for someone who wants to earn Paytm cash quickly by completing daily tasks.

Now in this blog post, we will take a look at this application and also discuss how much can someone earn from the Taskbucks application.

What is the Task bucks App?

Task Bucks App

In this application, users can complete various tasks on their mobile phones and earn Paytm cash for free. You can also play quiz games to earn Paytm cash and you can play normal games on this application and win extra Paytm money.

This app also comes with different other features for earning money which we will discuss later in this blog post.

Users also get a ₹25 sign-up bonus

Is it a genuine application?

Since the Task bucks application is available on the Play store and it has “4.4 ratings” with over 10+ million downloads. This can be good proof that this application is genuine.

Here are some screenshots that can help you to understand whether Task bucks is genuine or not because I don’t think there is any other proof that can prove it.

  1. After downloading one application you can see I got an SMS from Task bucks
  1. Here is the before and after screenshot of the balance after downloading the app

How to earn money by completing tasks on Task bucks?

  1. Download apps

Download various applications on the offer wall, the earnings you will get by downloading per application will be shown below.

Try to download all the applications from the offer wall in order to win more Paytm cash because applications regularly change on the offer wall.

If some application is providing you good money today, maybe it will be removed from the offer wall the next day.

The application on the offer wall is not more low MB size application, which means even if you don’t have good internet you can still download them quickly

  1. Try services

Below the offer, you will also see the “product and service wall”. Where you can complete or try different services.

For trying each service you will earn Paytm cash instantly.

Other ways to earn from Task bucks?

As I already told you that there are various other ways to earn Paytm cash on this application. Here are some different ways to earn.

  1. Play different games

Users can play games like super Goal, Pool 8 Ball, Road racer, and many more. By playing all these games users can earn money.

  1. Play quiz games

If you think you are intelligent and you have good knowledge about things then you should try playing quiz games and fill up your Paytm wallet.

  1. Daily logins

By using the application on regular basis you can win free coins. The more you login every day the more amount of coins you can earn.

  1. Daily surveys

You can always take interesting surveys and give your honest review on these surveys for some earning some extra Paytm cash.

  1. Refer friends

Refer friends and get 63 credits every day. On the first referral get 18 credits, on the second refer get 20 credits and on the 3rd referral get 25 credits.


Now I think it’s clear that Task bucks are a great application as especially a genuine app for earning Paytm cash for free.

If you have a good internet connection and you think you can download apps on task bucks then you should consider trying this application.

Commonly asked question

What is the minimum withdrawal in Task bucks?

You can withdraw a minimum of ₹5 into your Paytm wallet without any additional charges.

Do I get a signup bonus on Task bucks?

Yes, you will get ₹25 as a new user bonus.

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